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Investing In Yourself

As a dentist you have invested a lot of resources and time into your practice and yourself. The many years and expense of school is just the beginning. Next you must spend hours training and perfecting your techniques as well as attend continuing education seminars to stay on top of your field. You may also […]

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I bought Facebook stock today!

I bought Facebook stock today—Social Media does work! I just bought Facebook stock! I know it is at an all time high of $54 per share. I know it is considered speculative. I know it seems like a waste of time and may not be good for our country’s culture. The reason I bought the […]

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Experiential Learning

Planning Execution Result How many of you reading this article have a business plan for this year? How many of you have a business plan for the next 3 years? Whom among you have a viable, tangible exit strategy to sell your practice? Anyone who does can consider themselves CEO. The broad definition of CEO […]

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Questions, Creative Thinking & Big Ideas

Questions, Creative Thinking & Big Ideas  ANSWER A QUESTION WITH A QUESTION   Avoid surprises Ask a question back   DANGER OF HAVING ALL THE ANSWERS   When responding to patient’s questions Wastes time Seems like you are not listening Seems like you don’t care Frustrates them When responding to the team’s questions No ownership […]

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Motivating Yourself and Others

Motivating Self & Others   MOTIVATION    Motivation – The processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction and persistence of effort towards attaining a goal. Intensity – How hard a person tries. Direction – Where effort is channeled. Persistence – How long is effort maintained.   YOUR SELF YOUR DREAM YOUR TEAM   WHAT […]

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Measuring Results

 Measuring Results Prove to me that your marketing program works. Make new patient acquisition costs scientific. ROI starts and ends with measuring results, quantifiable results. Numbers can mislead but never lie!  Can marketing become a science?  Absolutely! In 1996 I flew my entire team to Utah for strategic planning meeting. Since the beginning of my […]

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