Planning Execution Result

Experiential LearningHow many of you reading this article have a business plan for this year? How many of you have a business plan for the next 3 years? Whom among you have a viable, tangible exit strategy to sell your practice? Anyone who does can consider themselves CEO.

The broad definition of CEO is someone that plans. Most dentists work in the business and planning becomes the restraining factor of your business. Lack of planning creates chaos. President Obama was asked the difference between a tactic and strategy in a debate–tactics are short term and even daily; strategy is long term focus. Tactics can be about winning the battle. Strategy is about winning the war.

Most dentists focus solely on tactics. Most dentists that have huddle meetings seldom speak of yesterday let alone last week or last year. Tactics are about getting through today, but can be nearsighted.

Without planning there is no leadership. Without leadership we have no vision or mission. We can’t lead our teams to ultimate success without effective planning. Planning should be your most effective tool. If your result is not what you want you have two choices: focus on execution or change the plan.