Trusted Resources

Over the years, Inventive Dental Solutions and Best Dental Coach have been able to work closely with several companies. Below are a list of trusted companies and resources we have worked with over the years. Please feel to contact us if you have any questions regarding the services provided by these companies.
Steve L. Sperry

512-logo sized

512City Design
Owner: Leslie A. Klatt
Marketing/SEO/Social Media/WP Web Design
P: 512.968.4089 /
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Dental Anywhere
Owner: Michael Stein
Mobile App and Consulting Solutions
P: 866.767.4582 /
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Lighthouse 360 now Yodle
P: 888.283.8510 /
Platnimum Recall sized

Platinum Recall
Owner: Vince Dilley
P: 800.900.2012 /
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Sapian Root Remover System
Owner: Dr. Schubert Sapian
P: 817.886.0365 /
Laser Pointers Presentations

Laser Pointers Presentations
Owner: Margy Schaller
P: 619.994.0293 –
smart training

Smart Training, LLC
Senior Compliance Advisor: Lee Slaton
P: 469.342.8300 x620
Zlinked Marketing

ZLinked Marketing & Advertising
Contact: Julianne O’Connor
P: 818.749.5598
Covert Investigations
Employee background checks $65 & other needs
Chet Engstrom, P.I.

Zlinked Marketing

Data Complete Inc.
Owner: Bob Czubiak
6520 Platt Ave. Ste 398 West Hills CA 91307

Leading Reach

Leading Reach
Account Executive: Michael McNamara

Autumn Dental Lab
P: (385) 419-2266

Just Imagine
Deby Warner, CAS, BASI

Secret Sauce
P: 1-214-505-6586

Dental Intel
Toll-Free: 1-855-776-2673
Cell: (925) 864-3655
5132 N 300 W Suite 200 | Provo, Utah 84604

JoAn Majors
Owner: JoAn Majors – Professional Speaker and Author
979.567.4452 /
Phone: 866.51.CHOICE
2606 Osler Blvd, Bryan, TX 77802

Health eCareers
Phone: 888-884-8242
6465 South Greenwood Plaza Boulevard, Suite 400, Centennial, CO 80111

Core 9, Delta Quality Sleep Centers
Managing Partner: Matt Brady
LinkedIn: Link
Cell: 214-454-8606
Office: 214-932-6202
Fax: 974-408-0820

Account Executive: Kimball Payne
Phone #: (801)804-4826