Investing in yourselfAs a dentist you have invested a lot of resources and time into your practice and yourself. The many years and expense of school is just the beginning. Next you must spend hours training and perfecting your techniques as well as attend continuing education seminars to stay on top of your field. You may also attend psychology seminars in order to more fully relate to and understand your patients. You also probably spend time exercising or spending time with a personal trainer so that you are at your peak performance each day.

All of these things combine to make help make your practice a success, and you a healthy and successful person. There are probably many other ways you invest in your time, but have you ever given thought to investing in a business coach to take your practice to the next level? Many dentists start a practice, get a comfortable income, and never give thought to how they can improve their practice and transform their lives. But many dentists do not realize the answer to a greater income is already in their hands.

Many dentists overlook the importance of investing in a business coach. They don’t see one as a necessary requirement for their career, but they should. How will you truly know if you can increase your income and grow your practice if you never take advantage of a business coach’s expertise? After all you’ve spent a lot of time and money to build your practice, wouldn’t it be wise to know if you could do anything to further it? This is where a business coach that specializes in helping dentists see and reach their potential comes in.

Often times a comfortable income can be doubled with no additional practice hours. As a business coach versed in the intricacies of dental practices, and with 17 years of experience, I can show you how you can easily double, triple, or even quadruple your income. I help dentists everyday achieve a more fulfilling and profitable career by showing them the potential for growth in their current practice.

So why would settle for your current income when I can show you how to build your practice and increase your income? I will need some basic information about your dental practice which you probably already track. By taking these figures I will be able to analyze your practice and create a business plan so that your dental practice can reach its full potential.

Before you take your hard earned money and risk it in investments such as stocks, real estate, or other ventures why not find out how I can help you take your money and invest it in your practice? This will be an investment in your future. If you’d like to know more, please fill out the assessment information and I will be happy to contact you to discuss my findings. Don’t delay, your practice is the number one place you can increase your income, and I can show you how to reach your maximum income potential.