I bought Facebook stock today—Social Media does work!

imagesI just bought Facebook stock! I know it is at an all time high of $54 per share. I know it is considered speculative. I know it seems like a waste of time and may not be good for our country’s culture. The reason I bought the stock is I figured out how it makes dentists money!

When I discover how to practically apply a marketing vehicle to successful dentistry marketing, I believe in it! I have a Santa Monica client that gets between 5-10 new patients per month with minimal investment. I
have 5 clients that have also figured it out and I would love to share that

Who is on FB? Women! Mainly mothers with children. Hello?? Who makes 80% of dental decisions? Who specifically makes dental appointments? Who should we be targeting? The answer is simple: women. FB simply is the best single marketing opportunity in dentistry today!

When you learn what I know you will buy FB stock as well–if it is not too late… I am not the first, smartest or the only one who knows how powerful marketing tool Facebook is. Our ability to target women and female friends of our patients’ friends is exciting! The best patients are referred patients. If you could target women that love you, like you and pay their bills what would you give? That is what FB gives us.

The good news is FB is free to start. The better news is FB when done right keeps our attrition low. When done right FB makes us look awesome. Why would patients ever leave the “right” dental home. I have a client in Ventura that I seriously can’t wait to see there next FB post. From team Spartan races to color runs they are hip slick and cool. The right PR and sharing of relevant information gives us influence like never before!

Combine the fact that we can link other social media components and WOW social media works. Leverage FB with YouTube and Google plus and YASNY–You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

It is a great time to be a dentist. If marketing is confusing to you join the club. Marketing should never leave your top 3 restraining factors to increased profitability, reduced stress and wealth. Learn more by calling me for a free consultation.

Steve L. Sperry
Voted Best Dental Coach