Past Atendees



Chris and Dr. Patel

Chris and Dr. Vaishali Patel, Lotus was very inspirational. To be with a group of honest dentists with vast knowledge and experiences under one roof and at the same time being in a fun and caring learning environment encourages you to be very motivated and transformational!” -Dr. Vaishali Patel

Chris and Vaishali Patel, DDS
P. 310.379.4268

“An excellent opportunity to get away from the office and meet with other professionals and hear their experiences. It enabled me to focus on the future of my practice.” -Dr. Stephen Kerper
Steve Kerper, DDS
P. 805.758.6760

“MUST GO!! Great learning experience. You will definitely take something back with you that applies to your specific needs and will benefit your practice.”-Dr. Schubert Sapian

“Time Well Spent!! Being a better leader is a learned skill, not just a gift or natural born.” -Dr. Brad Kane
Brad Kane, DDS
P. 805.758.6760

More prior attendees of LOTUS

Ken Hill, DDS
P. 702.897.7267

Mike Czubiak, DDS
P. 805.388.5700

Eric Shapiro, DDS
P. 818.788.1181